Hi there!
We’re New Best Friend, a creative studio based in Canberra, Australia.

In 2010, New Best Friend was founded by then housemates Karmin Cooper and Jacinda Jackson. Having worked together previously in a large studio we found ourselves talking shop while making dinner or hanging on the front porch. Mostly we discussed how we’d do things a little differently if we were calling the shots. It took six months for Karmin to convince Jacinda that we could do exactly that and we haven’t looked back since.

New Best Friend works for clients across a range of industries and projects. We’ve provided: branding for companies, festivals, charitable bodies, not-for-profit organisations, startups, educational institutions, cafes and bike mechanics; publications and printed advertising for cultural institutions and independent publishers; and web and application design and development for government departments and almost everyone else.

We’re not great at talking about ourselves, we’re more interested in the projects we work on or our interests outside of the studio. A common misconception is that we are new, young and small but be assured we have been working in our industry for some time. Karmin has over 13 years experience in online, project management and creative and Jacinda has over 10 years experience as a designer and creative. We started New Best Friend because we wanted better, for ourselves and the people we work with. In simple terms our business model is designed to expand and contract as projects require. For clients it means you will never pay for something or someone that is not directly related to your project. It also means that we can chose people that specialise in the service they provide which is a luxury you won’t often find in a conventional studio. These are people we have worked with and known for years. New Best Friend have confidence in our collaborators, we think of them as extended family rather than staff. You can be assured that we don’t just ship work out and cross our fingers, our contractors become part of the team, often working in the office with us to get the job done. We don’t send work to ‘offshore factories’ to get churned out and then pass back to you at horribly marked up rates, that just rubs us the wrong way.

Please, take some time to look through our work and if you have a project that we could help with we’d love to hear from you.

email Karmin
or call 0414 974 732

email Jacinda
or call 0404 030 139

c/o The Milkbar
Shop 2 48-50 Jardine St
Greensquare, Kingston ACT 2604